Brief History and General Information

Daegu Arts University (DGAU) is located near the historic site of Dabu Memorial, north of Daegu City. Chunbu Cha, the founder of the school, acquired its 70,000m2 campus from the residents of the area in 1992. The Ministry of Education authorized the establishment of this University in 1992, and the first students were enrolled in the spring of 1993. The school was named "Don Bosco School of Arts" after the Saint Don Bosco in Italy and also after the christian name of the founder. The name was changed to Daegu Arts University in 1997 when the government accredited the bachelor degree for the graduates of our school.

We have twenty three departments with 200 faculty members including thirty three outstanding professors. The University Library serves student research needs with a collection of more than 70,000 volumes, in addition to 5,000 CDs and films. The Baekwoon Dormitory houses 250 students providing 70 rooms with study lounges, laundries and a computer lab.

DGAU Daegu Learning Center, a 10 storied building located near Dongdaegu Station, has an art gallery called Seokam Gallery, the life-long education center, the art therapy center, a computer lab, a language lab, a coffee shop with a lounge, seminar rooms, conference rooms and a parking lot.

University Mission

DGAU is a teaching and learning community dedicated to excellence and committed to preparing students for lives of accomplishment in a world of unprecedented challenge and change.

Our mission is to provide opportunities and services of high quality to undergraduate students. We are guided by a commitment to all who see education as a key to a career and personal fulfillment as well as a devotion to our country.

Our academic programs encompass photography, fine arts, music, design, physical education, social welfare, and Japanese. We help to fill the need for continually updated knowledge and skills required for lifelong learning, and by providing a wide spectrum of continuing-education opportunities.

Our faculty, staff and administration are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in student achievement, instructional programs and supportive services. We foster faculty-student collaboration in learning, encourage and support the research, scholarship and creative activity of our faculty, and seek to contribute to the development of the communities we serve.

DGAU strives to be an interactive university, forming partnerships with individual and organizations in the public and private sectors. We accept the challenge of helping to shape society's future, as we seek to contribute to our nation's cultural enrichment through artistic activities.